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This site is owned and operated by Glitz Marketing Solutions Philippines Corp, U301, One Corporate Centre, Julia Vargas Ave cor. Meralco Ave, Pasig City, NCR, Philippines. Billing is handled by Glitz Marketing Solutions Philippines Corp, U301, One Corporate Centre, Julia Vargas Ave cor. Meralco Ave, Pasig City, NCR, Philippines

The use of this website (hereinafter: The “website”) is subject to the terms of use listed below. Using this site means you consent to the terms and conditions below and this consent of yours goes into effect when you enter the site for the first time. If you do not accept these terms, do not use the site.

(Hereinafter: “The company”) reserves the right to change these terms from time to time without giving any prior notice. The company will publish the new conditions on the site and their validity will apply from the date of publication or at a later date, as published by the company.

The Service Available on the Website

Service provided by the company is an on line support service from remote on Mac/PC computers, tablets and other network-based technology product according to the set forth below.

The company would provide “on line technical” services (hereinafter: “Cloud Technician”) and will be able to open a service call – using the company’s website or by phone or chat, – and get answers to questions and/or to operate the devices that is the subject of the support request (as defined below) by a human being and/or by returning a reply on chat/email anytime.

“Cloud Technician” means – technician to whom you connect using remote control who can provide a human response by phone or chat without connecting/ the remote control on the device which is the subject of support.

The scope of the service

On-site service “will be provided for devices listed on the website” above (hereinafter “Also called: “The device subject of support request “).

Service will be provided if possible even to the peripherals connected to the aforementioned devices and only if the equipment can be accessed and controlled through the same computer.

The commitment to service within the site is to support through “a remote technician” (“hereinafter: “Remote control/support”) and/or “cloud technician” as defined above.

Remote control service will be possible and provided only when the device is active and having propel access to the Internet. If this is not possible-only telephone support will be given (However, the said support is not necessarily sufficient in order to provide optimal service).

The customer undertakes to have Internet communication access to the device which is necessary for remote support, and to give authorization to employees and/or anyone on its behalf, as applicable under the circumstances, which will allow remote access to company representatives, in accordance to the instructions of the company.

The service does not include hardware malfunctions, or any malfunction or other problem that cannot be resolved with assistance by phone or remote control. The service does not include repairs or failures in communications and/or with the Internet provider.

The client knows and agrees that during the remote support the will be prevented from being able to use the device for which support is being given, during the complete period of the time in which the technician is trying to solve the malfunction.

Response times to the start of handling the call: The Company undertakes to respond to a call within an hour from the time it is opened, 24 hours a day. To remove any doubts, the aforesaid does not relate to the duration of the handling of the call for which was opened.

Our undertaking “did not repair – you did not pay“.

The company’s policy towards clients is “we did not repair – you did not pay” and therefore as long as the problem is not resolved, for which the call was opened, the company will credit the customer with the call handling time.

The policy applies to all of the cases listed below:

  1. For services given by remote control only. This above undertaking does not apply to a situation where service is required to above the stated, for example the purchase of an accompanying product, such as antivirus and/or similar, which may resolve the problem in the relevant case. .
  2. For cases where the support technician has exhausted all avenues in the process.
    In other words, the above obligation does not apply if the process was interrupted by the customer for any reason, including where the customer refused to install additional software/purchase or license to use the software legally, as he does not have it in his possession, if determined by company representatives that the solutions stated is required to solve the problem.

To avoid any doubt, it is highlighted  that crediting the customer in this case may include the direct handling costs for the call itself and will not  include any credit in the monthly subscription fees, if any, or any other additional compensation .

Costing of the services

Service pricing is based on one of a variety of packages offered by the company and are published on the site. The Customer can choose the package that best suits his needs, and to even upgrade the package but not “change it” according to the terms of use

Various service fees vary from package to package, depending on their terms.

Most of the services on the site are calculated and priced by actual handling, totaled for whole minutes in each service call.

If the service that was given to the customer included installation of any third party software, the price of the service does not include the cost of purchasing the software/license that was used in it.

Opening a customer account, and selecting the type of subscription

Every customer wishing to obtain service on the site needs at least to open a customer account in the system and join one of the various service packages offered in it.

A user may join the service at any time he is interested. To open an account all the required details must be filled in – on Identifying information, email address, and current phone number in order to be able to contact him, and means of payment (if required)-depending on the type of subscription in the service package chosen.

Terms and definitions

Monthly subscription fee Depending on the package and track selected -Fixed monthly payment that paid by the subscriber during the period of its activities (regardless of the actual consumed service –  For “Monthly subscription” Only, according to the selected track in package selected (hereinafter:  “Subscription plan”). The turnaround time of the subscription according to its terms and for this the customer will not be charged an additional charge beyond the monthly subscription fee and/or handling fee for the call, if they exist in this program.

Commitment to the Subscriber The minimum amount of time the customer is required to remain a subscriber on the site in the event and he received service as part of the monthly subscription package.

Commitment to service package The minimum amount of time in which the customer “monthly subscription” is required to remain in the service package he chose and received in the framework of the service. (“Upgrade” of the subscription is always possible)

Days and hours of operation The Company’s support Center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company reserves the right to update the operating hours from time to time.

Call handling fee  – Is determined depending on the type of subscription and service package selected – a fixed fee is added to each service call in whose framework the customer was provided actual service (regardless of the scope of service provided therein).

Operations at fixed rate These are predefined actions, the rate of which are fixed in advance and do not depend on the duration of the actual handling time. The rate for this package varies from package to package, in the same ratio to the difference between handling rates in different packages. Actions such as installing an operating system.
Due to the definition of these operations at a fixed rate that is independent of the actual operating time.

Payment by credit card Credit card payments will be received subject to the policy and approval of the credit card companies which have an agreement with the company. Credit transaction approval and/or the number of payments, subject to the policy and approval of the credit card companies which have an agreement with the company.

It is clarified that the company meets the standards

In regard to credit card security, as required by the credit card companies.

Usually one such package will be valid at any given time.

These packages do not include monthly subscription fee and a handling fee for a call.

The company may and can define a service package based on a subscription type “casual client” That includes call and this for the benefit of a more reduced rate per minute, as may be periodically published on the site.

Most of the service packages on the website are based on a “monthly subscription”, when the differences between the different characteristics of each package create the solutions that enable the best match, almost personal, to the needs of each customer, depending on the nature and scope of his activity.

The various characteristics that define the structure and nature of the package:

Monthly subscription fee – fixed rate paid every month (regardless of the actual volume of services consumed).

Change/switch between Service Packs A customer, who wishes to change the type of service package, can do so at any time, but just upgrade it to larger and more expensive package:

-The pre-paid in which it is now.

Offers and discounts The company will publish from time to time, at its sole discretion, promotions and benefits (hereinafter called: “Promotional material”) under the conditions prescribed.
In addition, the company reserves the right to publish the material for any subscription/clients in a Newsletter via email, according to the addresses provided and updated periodically by the Subscriber and/or any other manner available to the company for communicating with the subscribers/customers. Agreeing to these regulations implies consent to receive promotional material as aforesaid. Nothing stated to prevent the subscriber/customer to request removal from our mailing list at any time.


For plans, a full refund will be issued within 30days of subscription.
payment would be fully refunded if for any reason you are not wholly satisfied with the service.
However, after 30 days of purchase of Plan, no refund shall be made by 365techaid.
Refund amount shall be directly credited to the credit card, the details of which are registered with 365techaid.


A friend brings a friend – This campaign (when it is valid), allows an existing subscription on the site to invite new friends to join the site.

The invitation is performed using a special link that the subscriber will send to his friend/s.

For the convenience of the user, the system allows sending the link to several friends through the site itself (the system does not keep the email addresses of your friends!).
In addition, the system also allows copying the link and sending it independently by the Subscriber himself.

There is no limit to the amount of friends invited. A user who invites more – will earn more.

Any registration of a new member to the site (using the link only)-credits the customer’s account once at some percentage whatsoever of the monthly subscription fee in the package to which the member joined (level of percentage -as detailed in every campaign, individually).

The benefit will be given only after the end of the first complete calendar month in which the member registered on the site and a paid monthly a subscription fee whatsoever. Actual calculation will be based on the average subscription fee of the member during a full month only. (If in the first full month the average subscription fees are zero, the eligibility to the benefit will be saved for the invitee, and will be checked again next month and so on, until the first full month during which any actual subscription fees whatsoever are paid, and then only will be calculated and entered to the benefit of the invitee).

The credit will be entered to the account of the member inviting as long as the account is still active on the day of preparing the above account. You cannot convert or redeem credits for cash in any form, member who closes his account on the site before entering of the benefit to his account — will lose the right to the benefit.

Benefits to new members – This campaign (when it is valid) will grant newcomers benefits according to the defined in it.

If there is more than one campaign for new members, on overlapping dates – a customer who has satisfied more than one criterion, will be  will be credited with one benefit only – having the the highest value among them.


Canceling service calls opened The customer may cancel a service call after its being opened (“call waiting”) – while no actual service by the company technicians has begun.

Suspending a subscription Suspending the subscription procedure may only be initiated by the company in exceptional cases in which the company sees it as necessary and so at its sole discretion for the purpose of clarifications or settlements with the client.

A subscription that has been “Suspended” is a subscription whose account is restricted (temporarily) to perform basic operations (e.g. opening a service request and/or etc) and the actions required to remove the freeze only. While the account is suspended the customer will not be able to receive customer support service through the framework of the website, however, the customer also will not be charged a subscription fee during the period of the suspension.

Significant cases in which the account will be immediately suspended until settled, they are any of the following listed – (as decided by the company from time to time):

  1. Failure of payment after alerting about faults in credit card details.
  2. Failure to arrange finances, non update of payment methods after being alerted.
  3. Failure in additional payment, during which time the customer has a previous debt that has not yet been settled.
  4. Payment failure of occasional customer.

As the customer has been declared bankrupt or has had a receiver appointed as temporary or permanent, or a liquidator temporary or permanent, the company is entitled to terminate the contractual agreement/ suspend the subscription with a 7 (seven) days warning in advance.

* “Failure of Payment ” means- the non – execution of payment which is dependent on the client, such as an expired credit card, postponement of payment by credit card company, etc.

It is clarified that * a customer account will not be suspended immediately without advance notice and a fair opportunity to resolve the issue (except in the case of “casual” client who has no monthly subscription, and in the case of earlier cumulative debt in these cases “All services will immediately be prevented until the settlement of payment.”

Subscribe who was in suspension while he has already been scheduled a date in the future to change the service and/or the closure of the subscription:

1) In any case where a change to the package/closing of the subscription has elapsed in the period of suspension-substitution/closure the activity will be carried out only one day after the release from suspension.

2) if and when the subscription enters into suspension and the subscription was still in the minimum commitment period for a subscription/package, these suspension days will not be counted as the membership days and it is possible may cause a postponement of the date of change of the package and/or at the time of closure of the subscription selected.

Suspension of the subscription and/or termination of the contractual agreement in the cases mentioned above (and in other cases as they are under the circumstances) shall not prejudice any right and/or claim of the company towards the customer.

Purchasing accessories

If the service given to the customer includes installation of any third party software and/or legal user licenses, and/or any other product supplied to him directly by the company and requires an additional charge for the product, a separate sale to the customer will be carried out, before the product is delivered to the client.

To remove any doubts, the company is not responsible, directly and/or indirectly on the quality of products purchased from third parties, working order, quality, prices, quantity in stock, date of supply and/or etc. The warranty to the stated above applies only to third parties.

The purchase of the product by the customer will be a charge in a separate invoice, with the exception of certain cases in which an addition will be possible and charged to the customer’s monthly bill (only customers having an account of the type “monthly subscription”).

Prices, including other conditions may change according to the company’s decision, which will be published on the website and will take effect from the date of publication and/or at a later date, depending on the publication, and without the necessity of an advance notice to individual customers. Customers must update themselves independently about publications on the site as it is periodically.


  1. The customer undertakes to abide by the stated terms of use, including according to additional publications on the website, relevant to him, that apparently do not show up here, and pay to the company the fees as required on time and according to the
    company’s current price list, as it will be from time to time.
  2. The customer declares and agrees that the devices having a support request are owned and/or licensed as per the law by the owners, to have possession of them and use them, that the software installed on them is duly authorized and there is no contractual
    prevention with the company in accordance with these usage and the provision of providing services by the company in relation to the devices above.
  3. The customer declares and agrees that the information provided by the company is complete and accurate. The customer undertakes to notify the company in writing as soon as possible of any change in information and details. The change will bind the company
    only if it actually receives it.
  4. The customer agrees to the proper disclosure of any information and/or information and/or tools to clarify the fault, allowing the company to fulfill its obligations in an optimal way.
  5. To ensure the integrity of data that is on the device which is the subject of the support request, the client undertakes to regular backup of software, files, data, and any information on the devices that are a subject of the support request on a regular
    basis and before the service is provided by the company and/or anyone acting on its behalf. The customer undertakes that the backup will also be done on additional magnetic media of the computer disk and/or of disk of any other device subject of the
    support request subject (that is – external backup). It is clear that the loss of information during the support service is an option that may occur, and the company shall not be responsible for any such loss if without backup.
  6. Confidentiality: The Company undertakes to maintain confidentiality regarding client files and/or other information, including personal details of the client, revealed to its representatives during the remote support process. The aforementioned is also
    valid to credit card details typed by the customer into the system. The Company undertakes and meets the conditions of the standard for credit card details of the credit card companies. It is clarified that the company and/or its representatives will
    not make any use of the information above, except for the purpose of giving service only.
  7. Subject to the above and below the company will avoid as much as possible to passing personal details of the customer to third parties unless authorized by the customer and/or if necessary during and/or for carrying out the support service and/or any
    request of the customer and/or if it is required to do so by a court order. The company will also have the right to disclose information provided by the user (or shared), as necessary, as part of the company’s engagements, including entities who wish
    to purchase the company or its shares or its operations or to merge with the company. In such cases, the disclosure will be only be done in scope of the circumstances.
  8. The company may record and/or otherwise document in any other method the activities performed by it as part of the remote support and/or the conversations that the customer will have with the telephone representatives and the client gives his consent
    to do so.
  9. Data Security: The Company makes every effort to provide the user with a secure environment for the support services. The company is committed and meets the terms of the credit card companies. It is further clarified that the remote connection to the
    client is done via an encrypted code. The connection to the computer is done according to the specific authorization by the customer and/or anyone acting on its behalf for the connection. Only after the customer’s authorization, the connection will
    be activated using the encrypted code. The connection process (The – Session) is in an encrypted Mode. It is clarified that the company cannot log on to the computer under any condition without the customers authorization. After the end of the – Session
    the connection between the server of the company and the client will be disconnected, and the company and/or any of its representatives cannot reconnect unless the customer opened a new service call and authorized the remote connection as stated.
  10. On this site there are and/or may be links to other sites. The Company is not responsible for the privacy practices and / or contents of other websites which have a link to this site or sites linking to this site. On “clicking” on a link, logo or any
    other mark on the site, the customer should note that he might be leaving the company website.
  11. Intellectual Property: The site contains and/or may include in the future trademarks and/or other intellectual property which belong to the company and/or any one on its behalf and/or its suppliers and/or third parties. The client must assume that everything
    you see or read on the site (such as images, files, graphs, illustrations, text and other material) is protected by intellectual property laws, unless otherwise noted. You must not sell, reproduce, copy, distribute, modify or publicly display the
    contents and/or create derivative works based on the content, or make any public or other commercial use, without the prior written consent of the company and/or the owner of rights in advance and writing.
  12. Limitation OF Liability.
    A. The company and/or anyone acting on its behalf do not undertake to succeed in repairing any malfunction and/or a problem with devices connected to them for which remote support was requested (using remote control and/or chat and/or the phone). The company will act professionally and rationally to provide to the best of its ability services in accordance with and subject to the provisions of this agreement.B. The company and/or anyone acting on its behalf will not be responsible towards the customer and/or any third party for indirect damage and/or anything whatsoever resulting from it including loss and/or deletion of applications and/or files and/or information of any kind and/or loss of income and/or loss of profits and/or loss of business opportunities.C. As incurred by the company and/or anyone acting on its behalf, any damage that the company is not liable for in accordance with the provisions of the law and/or these terms and conditions, then the company and/or anyone acting on its behalf will be responsible solely for and only about direct damage, subject to proof of damage to the company.D. The customer declares and agrees that he knows that during the provision of services by the company, there may be deletion of files and/or software and/or data and/or information whatsoever stored in the devices that are a subject of the support request, and in a manner that they cannot be restored in their entirety and/or partially and that the company and/or anyone on its behalf will not be liable for such and/or for loss of any content that has been installed and/or were stored on the computer before providing the services. For this purpose the customer undertakes to perform backups as specified above.E. It is clarified that any computerized system, including the site, suffers sometimes from malfunctions… Use of the site is exposed to risks inherent in the Internet and computerized systems based on software, hardware and communication networks. The company makes every effort to reduce the number of faults to a minimum and to allow the use of the site. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, it is impossible to completely eliminate these risks and failures. Therefore the company is exempt from responsibility for any damage, loss or expense of any kind and/or disruption in information presented on the site, which may be incurred by the customer as a result inter alia of the following: Temporary interruptions in providing services on communications lines and/or disruption and other communication lines malfunctions and/or disruptions in the operations of the site, availability and/or response times of computerized systems and/or disruption in information and/or data and/or in transmitting and/or receiving calls on behalf of the customer and/or faults originating from a third party including Internet companies and/or cellular and/or other faults.
  13. INDEMNITY The customer undertakes to indemnify or compensate the company and/or its employees, and/or anyone acting on its behalf, for any lawsuit, claim, damage, loss, loss of profits, payment or expense incurred. including fees and reasonable legal
    costs — due to use of the site by the customer, including but without limiting the foregoing, claims against the company by third parties, for the customer violating these terms of service and/or the contractual agreement between the company and the
    customer ,as there is.
  14. The terms and agreements that are referenced by this document, including the contractual agreement between the company and the customer, all that exist, constitute the entire agreements that were achieved between the customer and the company concerning
    the use of the site and outweighed any representation and/or assurance, whether written or oral, between the parties regarding the topics discussed
  15. The company may change the terms of use from time to time, at its sole discretion, and any changes will be posted on the site, and take effect with the release and/or at a later date as it is published, in accordance with the decision of the company.

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